Love List

Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful.

— Mary Shelly


My dear friend Valerie gave birth to a beautiful baby born with her intestines, stomach and appendix outside of her abdomen. She is going to need surgery and has started out her life by being separated from her mother. Even with insurance, the cost of this surgery will be astronomical. If you feel called to help, every little bit helps.

For every person that donates, I will offer a free spiritual mentoring session or tarot reading. Please contact me to make this exchange! Thank you and please share!

Chani Nicholas Horoscopes

By far my favorite source for horoscopes, Chani is always spot on. Check your Rising Sign for better accuracy.

Harry Potter

One of my greatest loves, Harry Potter captured my heart when I was 14 and has kept it after all this time…

The Moon

I can remember gazing at the moon in awe and wonderment, thinking “If I worshipped anything, it would be the moon.”